Sportsmatch 1 Piece 1″ High Mount

Sportsmatch 1 Piece High Mount

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Sportsmatch 1 Piece 1″ High Mount

Manufacturer code: HOP16C

Sportsmatch 1 Piece 25mm Dovetail High Mount – Single Screw. Sportsmatch UK was established some 30 years ago and has grown to be a world leader in the manufacture of telescopic sight mounts for all types of sporting and target rifles.

Sportsmatch mounts feature a reversible clamp that fits all dovetails from 9.5-11.5mm. Sportsmatch offers a rock solid dependable scope mounting solution for virtually all combinations. If you want a high quality scope mount at a reasonable price that is rock solid and dependable ask your dealer for a Sportsmatch.


1 Piece Mount.

Base Fitting: 9.5 – 11.5mm (38″) Dovetails – Most popular size (suits most modern airguns & .22 rimfire rifles).

Tube Size: To fit 1″ (25.4mm) diameter body tube scopes.

Front Lens Size: Up to 56mm – This figure describes the maximum size of the objective (front) lens the mount is designed for when the dovetails are flush with the barrel. Please bear in mind scopes with front PX adjustment will often need higher mounts.

Bolt Type: Allen Key bolts – Allen Key(s) Supplied.

Clamp Design: Single Clamp (two bolts on each cap).

With removeable recoil stop pin.

Height: 24mm

Length: 120mm

Sportsmatch offer huge selection of quality mounts – All Made In England!


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