hawke sport HD 3-9×50

Valley Arms have supplied hawke Sport HD 3-9×50 scope to customers across the UK. To find out how our hawke sport HD 3-9×50 can benefit you please call 01824 704 438 or drop us a email: info@valleyarms.co.uk .

hawke Sport HD 3-9×50 rifle Scope

The Hawke Sport HD rifle scope has the High Definition optical coatings which reduce reflection both internally and externally and therefore increase the amount of light that reaches the eye, improving target brightness and clarity.

We always have a selection of hawke sport HD Rifle Scope in stock our aim to provide a service second to none if you require any further information about hawke sport HD 3-9×50 please call or e-mail a member of the team we will respond within 24 hrs of your enquiry.