Bisley Dummy Launcher

There is nothing more enjoyable to see than a very well train gundog working, even better if it’s your own. A well trained gundog can for me be the difference between a good or a bad days shooting.

There are many different training aid on the market, The bisley dummy launcher has it place in any training bag, to help you with the progression of you shooting companion. The bisley dummy launcher is supplied with a red rugby shaped dummy approximately  weighing 130g (4.5oz) with a length of about 14cm in length (5.5”),







You can so purchase a  more traditional white canvas type as an optional extra.

The bisley dummy launcher is designed to simulates a retrieve of  shoot game. The bisley dummy launcher use’s a .22 cal blank cartridge to propel the dummy a good distance. The loud bang replicate the sound of the gun being fired as the dummy is sent flying through the air. This is a great training aid as it can be used to teach the dog to sit to gun shot and watch to mark the retrieve. The launcher can also be angled at the ground which will send the dummy skid down a field creating a sent trial.

With the Bisley Dummy launcher, operation is very simple and safe with clear instructions supplied in the box from new. The launcher is primed by pressing the spring catch to open the breech, a .22 cal high power ‘Red’ blank is placed into the bore, the breech is closed and the Dummy is slid over the “barrel” or cylinder (which makes an air tight seal with an O-ring).

The Launcher is now primed and ready to fire. At this stage care should be taken as to where the Launcher is aimed as this is no feeble machine, and is capable of propelling the dummy out to around 80-90yds. This is a lot of force, relatively, when you consider the size and weight of the projectile.

To fire the dummy the handle is held with the outside of the fore arm facing towards the aiming zone (thumb will be facing towards your body at this point) so that the elbow will bend and safely take the recoil of the operation,

The striker at the bottom of the handle is pulled right back with the other hand and released to fire.

To remove the spent cartridge, a spring collar has been included in the design which acts as an extractor, lifting the blank case just out of the bore when the launcher breech is in the fully open position on the hinge. This allows you to remove the spent blank with your fingers easily, a nice little touch, simple but clever in design.

This is quite an impressive piece of kit, demonstrating solid build quality, simplicity of use and dependable reliability after countless shots with easy maintenance procedures.

Price of the Dummy Launcher and Red Dummy (supplied) is around £85, and an optional white canvas Dummy is available for about £19.99