Hawke Sidewinder 6.5-20x42SF 20x Half Mil Dot

Hawke Optics Sidewinder 30 IR Tactical Rifle Scope Series

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Hawke Optics Sidewinder 30 IR Tactical Rifle Scope Series

Following on from the successful Hawke Sidewinder 30 IR range of riflescopes Hawke Optics is proud to announce a new Tactical range of riflescopes.

  • The super strong 30mm body tube is finished in a dark matt black to prevent unwanted reflections
  • The fully Multi-coated 30 mm optical system gives a brighter clearer image, designed to perform in low light hunting and shooting conditions.
  • A glass etched reticule in either SR or ½ Mil dot design, gives more accurate aiming points, with on line reticule calibration from Hawke Optics BRC and Chairgun programmes.
  • The 10X and 20X ½ Mil dot reticles are of a fully floating design. They feature dots and ‘ties’ spaced at ½ Mil-Dot spacing. The hollow bars are calibrated for 0.2 Mil spacing and whole Mil spacing.
  • Choice of either 38mm or 42mm objective lens, smaller diameter objective enables a lower mounting position on rifles, keeping the shooters head lower and better barrel alignment.
  • Side focus parallax control, with optional 2” wheel extension supplied, min 10 yards to infinity.
  • Large easy grip turrets with 1/4MOA clicks, resettable for zero and locking for extra security.
  • Illuminated red/green reticule with 5 separate levels of brightness including ultra low settings (1-3) for Dawn & Dusk & high settings (4&5) for daytime. Black in off position.
  • Adjustable ocular focus with anti-recoil lock ring.
  • Non slip Zoom ring with secure thumb bump for a more positive action.
  • Supplied with 4” long sunshade to prevent glare in bright conditions.
  • Complete with metal flip-up covers to protect the outer lenses. 


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